We use high pressure continuous belt technology to thermally fuse resin impregnated dècor papers to treated backer papers. Our process creates a unique range of formable decorative laminates.

  • Decorative face papers are impregnated with thermoset resins and are thermally fused to special backers in a continuous double belt press.
  • Available in a wide range of colors, wood grains, abstracts and surface finishes to complement existing North American high and low pressure laminate manufacturers.
  • Surface performances are similar to TFL, HPL, and Laminate Flooring depending on customers’ specifications.
  • Outperforms other surface treatments such as vinyl foils and topcoat papers in wear, scuff, stain and heat resistance.

  • Visually preferable with high degree of color clarity and warm rich, authentic textures
  • OLON Antimicrobial Protection is available
  • Applied as a pre-finished decorative laminate for furniture, cabinets, fixtures and profile wrapped moldings.
  • Excellent machinability, longer tool life, less chipping
  • Custom laminating of various surface materials to specialty backers manufactured to customer’s specifications

LINK25 Formable Laminate

NEXGEN® LINK25 formable laminate, in continuous rolls or 4’ x 9’ sheets, was developed to complement TFL where exact colour and texture matches are essential. LINK25 is recommended for vertical or light duty horizontal surfaces and is used as an HPL alternative. Postformable for edges, tops or corners, LINK25 is very workable and bonds with conventional adhesives. LINK25 is ideal for both refacing projects and new installations..

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NEXGEN® Edgbanding

NEXGEN® edgebanding offers such features as high heat resistance, pliability, formability and good internal bond strength for machineability. May be pre-glued for heat bar or hot air application as polyester is not sensitive to heat. Excellent for straight line, contour and soft form applications.

Available in over 220 North American TFL & HPL colours.

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Custom Laminates

Customized formulations available to wrap slab doors, drawers or shelving. Also able to adjust surface properties and wearlayer to meet your needs. Commercial applications can include decorative wall and elevator panels or coordinating doorskins for boutique or office

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NEXGEN® Laminates

Olon’s NEXGEN® laminates with built-in antimicrobial protection help protect against bacteria – perfect for use in homes, healthcare facilities, schools and commercial buildings.

Over 220 stock colour and finish options are available.

Features and Benefits

  • Colours and finishes of NEXGEN® laminates make it nearly impossible to differentiate from real wood.
  • Perfectly resembles a wood door with its perpendicular grain direction stile and rail construction
  • Zero formaldehyde emissions based on assembled doors.
  • No staining or finishing required  (Glazing or highlighting can be added)
  • Mouldings exactly match thermally fused melamine panels.
  • High heat and scratch resistant.
  • Colour remains consistent year after year.

NEXGEN® Laminate Finishes:

Standard stocked finishes and custom order finishes are available.


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